Eye-Controlled Technology on the Way

Technology progresses more with each passing month. First Keyboards, then touchscreens–and now eye location technology. A company in Denmark, the Eye Tribe, is currently developing what could be a billion-dollar software that uses a device’s camera to detect where a person’s eye is looking and allows eye movement to control the clicks of the mouse, page scrolling, etc. Amy Strata explains,

The software reflects infrared light off the pupil of the eye and tracks it with the on-board camera, clicking where the user looks. The Eye Tribe has released a handful of videos that show the technology in full swing, showcasing users − without hands − scrolling through webpages, slicing fruit on the popular app Fruit Ninja, and hovering the cursor from app to app with a mere wander of an eye.

“Our software can then determine the location of the eyes and estimate where you’re looking on the screen with an accuracy good enough to know which icon you’re looking at,” the Eye Tribe website explains.

This technology is an exciting advancement in the field of technology. I’m not sure how the technology works exactly (how would it know when I want to click on something, for example?) but it seems like they’re working all that out. This software may reduce the instances of carpal tunnel syndrome, but I just hope it wouldn’t cause added eye strain on the user.


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