Of Energy Drinks, Coffee, Vyvanse and Adderall

It’s no secret that energy drinks have become controversial.  They are labeled with all sorts of warnings, such as “limit yourself to two drinks per day” and “people who are pregnant or sensitive to caffeine should not consume.”  Recently, a teen died from caffeine toxicity after drinking two Monster energy drinks.  This article provides information about the ingredients in Monster energy drinks which will be helpful to my Storify story.

For the coffee fans: here’s a link to a tweet about 17 health benefits that come from drinking coffee, such as preventing cavities.  Related is an article about 11 health benefits of drinking coffee.  This link includes sources for the information that could prove very useful in my investigation of coffee.  Speaking of which, I think I’m going to put a pot on right now!  College and coffee seem inseparable, at least on Twitter. It’s seen as being part of the “college experience” of being a poor college kid who drinks coffee to stay away.  It serves as study aid and paper staple.  However, there’s a dark side emerging.  People report needing the substance.  One tweeter pointed out a link between coffee and headaches.  He doesn’t seem to consciously recognize the fact that his headaches are probably caused from caffeine withdrawal!

On the amphetamines front, here are some tweets about Vyvanse: some people say it helps them lose weight.  Others see it as their only (?) source of energy, like this guy who can’t seem to clean his room without it. I’m seeing a love/hate pattern going on here.  This person couldn’t sleep because of Vyvanse and it apparently causes hangovers after one “comes down” from it. Doesn’t that sound fun?  Adderall seems to get the same reviews on Twitter: people report that it helps them with school (and this one also seems to indicate that it’s addictive!  I need to investigate that…) and doesn’t let them sleep.  Here’s a tweet that links to a video about why Adderall is considered a “study drug.”  And another tweet about needing Adderall to help with studying.


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