Five Sustainability Links

The article “Thinking Beyond the Pale: Re-imagining Waste as Resource” is about the concept of “cradle to cradle” management of waste. This means “maximizing the use of what already exists, rather than producing more.” This is one major mainstay in sustainability. Our resources are finite, and thus we cannot produce infinitely.

Think outside the box! An article about the world’s largest vertical garden provides a space-saving alternative to gardening. This relates to the concept of sustainability in that it provides people with limited space the ability to grow their own food. Also, thinking about space as a limited resource in a world where the population is increasing exponentially, it’s not hard to see how a vertical garden would be beneficial.

Public transportation is a more sustainable option than each individual in a community owning a car. Take a look at some of the ways cities in the USA are envisioning the future of public transpo in the article “One Size Does Not Fit All: Different Approaches to Transit-Oriented Development.”

The move toward sustainability is “inevitable,” as is argued in this article “The Inevitability of Sustainability Politics, Technology, and Management.” The author proposes arguments for why sustainability is relevant and necessary for the present and future.

Bill Nye’s all for sustainability. He spoke at the Homestead National Monument of America in Nebraska in November 2012 and stressed the need for people to “do more with less,” citing unsustainable practices as contributing to global warming.

One Texas college’s plan to become more sustainable.

IUSB has a sustainability major. Read fellow IUSB students’ experiences in and discoveries about sustainability.

Center for a Sustainable Future: more info from IUSB’s website about this subject.


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