More on Sustainability

The Green Register is a website devoted to sustainable products and practices. It has a daily post, “The Green Minute” that has a small way to change one’s practices to be more sustainable/environmentally friendly. This is a neat little corner of the web because not only is the information useful, but it’s updated daily and so constantly provides new information! The video Momentum 2012 is a video of a lecture given by M. Sanjayan about “What [it will] take to create a truly sustainable relationship with our environment.” He “explores how people and nature can thrive together if we reboot the environmental movement by engaging three often-ignored constituencies — the business community, the world’s two billion poorest people and today’s youth.” This is an interesting and informing video that makes a great introduction to the future of trying to make a sustainable future for our planet.

While not directly related to sustainability, the article “America the Possible: Breaking the Chains of Consumerism” offers insight into how to reduce wastefulness in America’s consumer-driven society. This article is relevant to the topic of sustainability in that it calls the consumerist economy into question and points out how wasteful and detrimental it is to the environment and the future. With a finite number of resources, consumption cannot be infinite.

A hopeful article about the strides already made in corporate America toward sustainability, “Slipping Green Through the Back Door” tells us that many businesses are making sustainable decisions even if they aren’t advertising it!

“How to Be Fully Renewable in 10 Years” — An article about Australia’s steps in the direction of becoming a country run completely on renewable resources. Bye-bye, high gas costs! So we see, there is hope that it can be done. Ten years isn’t (that) far away.


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