More Links on Sustainability

The Website for a business called Sustainability Matters is a great resource for other businesses that are looking to make their practices more sustainable. This website would mostly interest those in business, but it’s good for people to see that there are resources out there that help make becoming sustainable a reality.

The GSA, or U.S. General Services Administration, has a section of their website dedicated to sustainability. Their sustainability plan statement is that “The GSA will eliminate its impact on the natural environment and use its government-wide influence to reduce the environmental impact of the federal government.” They offer information about sustainability practices that are available now and have a PDF document that highlights the importance of sustainability and outlines the strategies that will be used to make our country more sustainable. This document, titled Sustainability Matters, has a lot of really great information.

An article about “zero-net energy buildings” offers a great, concrete look at what the future (and even the present) holds in the field of sustainability.

This article about “breaking the tyranny of resource scarcity” and learning to value abundance (though sustainable practices) does a wonderful job of linking the importance of sustainability to the average life of the average person. Non-sustainable resources get scarcer and scarcer. The scarcer something is, the more expensive it becomes. As most people have noticed, the cost of everything is going up. Sustainability becomes a way to reduce rising costs.

This article, found on, gives information about renewable energy sources–that is, alternatives to the energy sources the majority of Americans currently use. This provides people with information about other ways of getting energy and what the future of these energy sources may be.


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