Links to Sustainability

“PBL Note Sustainability of biomass in a bio-based economy” is a 22-page report released at the beginning of this month which details what is necessary in the switch from a fossil fuels-based economy to a biomass fuel-based economy. It outlines the basic findings of the report but also has a “download report” option that enables one to read the report firsthand. It also links to more related information about this topic.

While it may not be a priority in many college students’ lives, considering the impact the simple chore of laundry has on the environment is a small step that anyone can take in moving toward a more environmentally-friendly future. This article has great information about the environmental effects of washing machines and dryers and offers a variety of alternatives to them, from the complex feat of building a zero-emission wooden washer to the easier task of switching to energy-efficient detergent.

The Rainforest Alliance nformation about how the consumer can stay informed and know about some of the practices of a company at first glance. This website also has a ton more information regarding sustainability practices and how to get involved.

Here is an article about China and Sustainability. This article talks about what China’s doing to turn their practices around and make their practices more sustainable in the face of the many crises their facing due to their past and current economic policies that resulted in an “economic hyper-expansion and [the ignoring of] the damage that was being done.” One may look at what China’s facing and use it as a mirror for what is happening here or what could happen without the recognition that sustainability is important and that changes need to be made for the future.

Information relevant to the business world, or the business-minded, about the business side of “going green” is available in the article called “Sustainability in Business”. This article offers information about ways to transition to more sustainable practices without going bankrupt or losing one’s edge in the market.


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